Wireless power, through the air.

Wireless power done differently.

Traditional wireless chargers rely on magnetic fields to transfer power. These induction mats require near-contact proximity to charge and are highly inefficient beyond distance greater than 1in. Supply, on the other hand, delivers power over radio signals. We’ve combined advanced radio technology with state-of-the-art power electronics to wirelessly transmit energy up to 6ft away.

  • 6 ft.

    Supply Radio Frequency
  • 1 in.

    Induction mats

Next-generation radio technology.

Radio waves are typically broadcasted omnidirectionally with a uniform distribution, resulting in low signals in all directions. But recent advancements in beamforming technology allows for greater signal strengths at greater ranges. Beamforming, which is emerging in new Wi-Fi routers today, guides power signals directly to the receiver, without wasting energy to ambient air.

Supply has further developed beamforming technology and optimized it for power transfer rather than data transfer. Behind the scenes, our proprietary phased antenna array manages the beamforming and controls of the system.


Base station and receiver case for iPhone 6

Supply consists of two parts: a Transmitter + Receiver. The transmitter is placed in an office, on a desk, in a living room, etc. Your phone is outfitted with receiver case and automatically charges once within transmitter range. Supply monitors your phone’s battery level and hibernates once full.

Never worry about battery life again.

Place your Airlink base station where you spend the most time—at your desk or at your bedside—and your Airlink-equipped phone will charge throughout the day or night, ensuring you keep a full charge for when you need it.

Airlink’s connection is seamless and automatic— you’ll never have to worry about plugging in or unplugging again.



Drag iPhone in range to charge

Private Beta

Get early access to Airlink, test out our operational prototypes, and work with us to help make it even better.

Made by Supply

Founded out of MIT, Supply is deeply rooted in technology and design. Our team was inspired by the mobility that Wi-Fi brought to the Internet, and so we set out to create the same experience for power.